Saturday, February 6, 2016

Matt and Mom go to the dogs -- Part VI

A pretty good day and I am off tomorrow. Plus, I am more then half-way done -- only four days of work left. Graduation does not count. That is awesome. I mean, if this was a full-time gig, I could do it. But I need to get back to my life.

Anyway ... today ... I won a prize, a Kong toy.

One of the things I do well with dogs is motivate them. I probably do not correct enough or hard enough, but I can encourage them.

The prize came during UP practice, the command to tell the dog to put its two front feet on the table or counter in front of it. It is mostly used in transactions.

Well, New Dog didn't do the up right when commanded, but she looked like she was interested in doing it. So I poured on the motivation; she did it and they told me how great it was and gave me the toy.

Lowe's was OK. She is still having some issues getting things, but it'll come.

She also took a nap on my bed with me. It's a narrow bed, too.


Anonymous said...

Of course you got a prize! You are a winner!
Can't wait to meet your new friend.

Matt Trott said...

better not let certain little sisters hear you saying that

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