Sunday, February 7, 2016

Matt and Mom go to the dogs -- Part VII

I debated whether telling folks here where I worked, given the current unpleasantness in Oregon. In the end, though, I did,  and it was fine. Later  in the week Mom realized the name tag on our door shows a wildlife refuge. HA

I woke up at 6:30 today, my first time sleeping through the night. I didn't fall asleep till midnight because of my jumpy legs. But after we fed the dog, I went back to sleep till 9! Awesome.

After breakfast we walked around the campus and spent nearly an hour in the big dog play-yard here first with another dog in the class and a little puppy, then by ourselves. We came in only when the dog started eating snow, which I decided meant she needed a drink.

In the yard, she was awesome. She liked running through a tunnel to escape the other dogs. It worked for a while, but the last time, the other dogs caught on to where it let her out. She would juke into the tunnel, and the others would take off to the end of the tunnel.

It was also fun to see how she tempered her play depending on who she was with. When the other dog in training was there, they went at it full tilt. Nothing bad, just dogs playing like dogs. But when it was just the puppy, she was a lot easier-going -- not to say she didn't really give that pup the business.

Then we came in, had lunch and took a nap. Now, she is asleep in her kennel.


Patrick said...

This contender sounds interesting. I especially like the tunnel part. If I've learned anything from The Great Escape, Raising Arizona, Shawshank, and El Chapo, it's that tunnels are critical.

Anonymous said...

You sound so good and so happy. I know the new dog will bring your body comfort. So exciting.

Matt Trott said...

She could have led the escapees! (Well, not El Chapo.)


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