Thursday, February 11, 2016

Matt and Mom go to the dogs -- Part X

We passed everything, so graduation tomorrow, then home Saturday. Watch it live at 12:30.


dad said...

What a nice looking friend you have, can't wait to meet her!

Anonymous said...

S and B suggest a different graduation song -- one by Mr. Bowie.

Anonymous said...

Ok that would be a cool song ! Can't wait to watch.

Anonymous said...

Every time I say her name I find myself singing it.

Patrick said...

Congratulations! Excited for you both! Glad the week was so successful (even with the stitches).

Matt Trott said...

Thanks all, but I don't get why I'd choose Suffragette City?

Kristina said...

Hey, Matt! It was great meeting you at TT and I definitely found you as the funny side of bitter. I think we all have quite a bit of bitterness in us if we let ourselves think about it long enough - life circumstances such as they are - but I hope this is the start of many new adventures with Fame and a bit more fun in your life! - Kristina

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