Thursday, February 4, 2016

Matt and Mom go to the dogs -- Parts III and IV

Apologies. I started writing last night but had to stop and go to bed unexpectedly.

Wheelchair is back! Repairman who looked and sounded like my N.Y. in-law's dad fixed it this afternoon. it needed a new controller.

Before my chair died Tuesday, we ranked the three dogs we thought would be a good match. Then the trainers got together, decided who they thought would work best for the whole class. Then they lookout our list, I think, to see what is in our minds.

The trainers' choices are called pre-matches. As long as things go as expected, we will go home with these dogs.

Twelve years ago, Claren was my top choice because she was a good size and because I suspected she was the one because they kept matching us up to work on commands.

This time, with 20 dogs or so, we didn't work with dogs more than once.

That's not true; I worked with my #2 twice. He was good, but #1 seemed better.

On Wednesday, we learned who are pre-matches are. I got my #1 again!

But the loaner wheelchair caused problems. I was going slow because it was so wide, and the trainer correctly said, I know you are worried about the chair, but the dog is walking on eggshells because of your mental state. Try and smile.

I did and today was better.

Although I did hear a dog whining late last night and I imagined it was mine saying, Oh crap! I got the dud.

For some reason I have yet to sleep through the night, and no naps. How I am cognizant I don't know.

Snow tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I prefer to think it was your dog saying why do I have to wait to be with Matt!
Be tough! Xo

Patrick said...

This is all exciting. Thanks for the updates!

Anonymous said...

I just got an email from CCI w a link to the live stream of the graduation next week! So excited to be able to watch. I shared it w our sibs and dad.

Middleblogger said...

So excited for you- and the lucky dog!
The Elgins and Shelly III

Matt Trott said...

Surprising as it may be, I must confess it was probably not even my dog. But i like your idea better.

It is exciting to write about it, tiring but exciting.

Nice, i didn't know they stream graduation.

Me too, although I was just thinking I miss having the two Cs in class.

Anonymous said...

You deserve number one! Love the fact that your wheelchair repair man was like my father and a New Yorker. We aren't so bad. Sounds like a phenomenal experience.

Matt Trott said...

You aren't all bad, just all the sports teams.

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