Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Trouble intervenes

I wanted to write tonight and was trying to figure out about what. I had sort of decided on Fame, how I am a little surprised how much I love her already. I expected a transition/mourning period when I realized she wasn't Claren and processed that. But that hasn't happened. I just love her tons.


I sat in urine-soaked pants for most of the afternoon, not for any physical failing of my own.

I mean there were physical failings, but I had anticipated those and gone to the restroom early enough to   deal with them.

No, the failing was the guy who decided to use the wheelchair stall even though he is not in a wheelchair.

The added problem is I see no solution other than humiliating myself by going into my boss's office, saying I peed in my pants because the stall was being used and what's the solution.


Anonymous said...

God dammit

Matt Trott said...


Anonymous said...

This is way late, but if you have not done so, go have a little talk with your boss and tell him/her how humiliating it is when you cannot use the bathroom because of the thoughtlessness of your colleagues. Maybe suggest an awareness session?--opportunity to lay it out for your colleagues? or if that won't work, ask that a lock be placed on the handicapped stall and you be given the only key!!!

Or write out a memo for your boss to distribute on your behalf. Surely your situation deserves a little accommodation and if folks are too stupid to "get it" on their own, they need teaching.
Am I totally out of touch? Might this not work?
Or did I miss earlier attempts to do exactly that. I know I am prone to swooping in without thinking things through, but Matt, I really feel for you and would gladly go from desk to desk in your building to ask workers whether they know why stalls are designated "handicapped" and to explain to those that don't what that means for able bodied persons. DMiller

Matt Trott said...

No, you didn't miss anything. I actually haven't been in the office since then. Not because of it but that's why i haven't dealt with it yet

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