Sunday, May 1, 2016

George Washington prayed here and so did I

It was a tight fit into the  George Washington pew at Christ Church yesterday for the wedding of   a friend and regular Bitter reader. I made it with some help, but I may have scraped a little paint off the pew in so doing. Let's hope it wasn't historical paint.

It was a fun wedding. George Washington even stopped by and posed for pictures.

Fame was well-behaved and of course a big hit. During the dinner inside, this gal asked if she could take a picture of Fame. Sure, I said. She then got down on the floor in her little black dress, reclined on the floor next to Fame and took a selfie. She did warn me she was a little obsessed with dogs. And I think she was the groom's (my friend's) sister-in-law so no problem. Fame stayed in a down.

Plus, Fame is so cute how could you not be obsessed. I fed her on the grass near where we are in the picture. A friend picked up the bowl afterward. I told her she didn't have to because Fame would get it, so she put it back down for Fame to get. Fame proceeded to pick up three leaves, two pine cones, basically anything but the bowl. SIGH

I had asked beforehand who I'd know and was told another good friend. I asked her to be my helper if needed. She readily agreed and was a huge help. I think the groom went out of his way to make sure things were accessible, too.

My friend shares her name with my little sister, and she was as helpful as my sister, and she didn't make fun of me.  (NOTE: if I had an editor, she'd kill that last clause; it helps me out not at all. My sister will think  I am being a jerk; my friend may decide to make fun of me. Oh well.)

Great day.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nice shoes, though not as nice as for Judy's wedding!

Matt Trott said...

You just like the photo, SDT. Mom thought they were those shoes.

Anonymous said...

what shoes did he wear to my wedding? how do I not remember this??

Matt Trott said...

they were just black wingtips but Twink concocted a tale about how the shoe saleswoman was flirting with me

Patrick said...

Glad you had a great time! Lori and I were so happy you could make it (and Fame -- and yes, my sister-in-law was an instant fan). And we also must agree with the previous sharp-dressed, sartorially splendid comments. :) Looking forward to seeing you soon -- hoping to get life back to normal over the next couple weeks -- and catching up with you and meeting Fame for real.

Matt Trott said...

Excellent! I was an instant Fame fan, too.

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