Wednesday, June 8, 2016


As I pointed out on Facebook, the only negative to this photo, and really to all of Awesome Con, was that Jenna Coleman was not swooning visibly at my cuteness.

But otherwise, what fun!

The Doctor seemed quite nice and animated, and the company was great. I finally got to take my niece, and her excitement made it better.

Fame was wonderful in the crowds and handled a sniff and significant intrusion of her space by an alleged service dog. It was very badly behaved and should not have been there.

The big question now: Do I spend the money to get the action figure of me that got scanned there. Who am I kidding? Of course i do.

My takeaway, other than awesomeness?  I am not ready to be a parent. I am glad my niece wore a fez (not that it was a unique look there), but I could look for the fez and find her.

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