Friday, June 3, 2016

Matty before Jenna

I have been seeing ads for the movie You Before Me, and while normally I'd have little interest in whether such a schmaltzy firm does well, I really hope this one is bigger than Titanic. And n to because Jenna Coleman is in it. All right, not just because Jenna Coleman, who I am meeting Sunday, is in it.

It is about an attractive young lady who is hired to be caretaker to a modestly older guy in a chair. They seem to fall in love and  everything turns out hunky-dory.  A wheelchair doesn't mean an end to life and things are cool.

I thought.


Turns out the guy jets off to kill himself at the end. Because that is what being in a chair means to the world. I am not amused.

My hope was it would be a hit and inspire lots of attractive young ladies to seek me out.

But now, I hope it fails. Sorry, Jenna.


Anonymous said...

Yours is not the first such comment I have read. I am with you. This is stupid and bad.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. People kept recommending the book to me and it sounded awful even before I knew about the suicide. Stupid stupid stupid.

Matt Trott said...

And just to be clear, jenna isn't the young lady. If she was, no way he'd kill himself

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