Saturday, June 11, 2016

Think of the toys I could have bought

A friend of mine believes the heading aid industry is basically a ripoff, and the products they sell are too expensive.

My experience with two audiologists tends to make me agree, or  at least think that money is their chief drive. This didn't stop me from spending thousands on hearing aids this week, but it probably contributed to my feeling depressed about it.

The first one said to email her questions but never answered me. So I went to another my insurer likes.

No better. Particularly galling is that neither had money back guarantees. "No one works for free," she laughed as she told me about their $125 restocking fee. She added that the manufacturer also needed to pay for shipping.

I am thinking 2) if the manufacturer really has to pay that much for shipping, they need to investigate UPS. Mainly, though, I am thinking I don't want anyone working for free. I asked the audiologist, an expert, to find something that works for me, and if it doesn't, I want to  be able to return it. Otherwise, aren't I paying her for nothing, for her failure to find the proper aid for me?

Not that I am bitter.

I guess I'll just hope they work


Anonymous said...

I think you make a valid point. Mostly, though, I hope they work.

Matt Trott said...

me too, but the toys!

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