Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Larry, Moe and Matty

I thought I was trying out for a Three Stooges remake Sunday night with one key exception: I doubt either Moe or Larry felt like collapsing in tears (Curly — maybe. Moe could be so mean).

I got my lift Sunday, so Mom was using it to help me into and out of the shower.

All went well till it was time to get in bed. The lift does not fit under the bed, and bed transfers are usually OK, so I just got into bed the normal way.

I planned to anyway. What happened instead was I missed the mattress when I sat down and slid to the floor.

We can do this, Mom said, so we got out the lift and got me back in my chair. I then tried again.

It happened again!

Again, we got out the lift and got me back in my chair.

At this point, I noticed the mattress was pushed back, so while I was plopping down in the right place, the mattress wasn't there.

We moved the mattress, and on this, the third try, I succeded.


Mike said...

First, Happy Birthday! I sent a long comment but I spent an hour trying to establish an identity through a google account and I failed more times than you slipped off the bed. I didn't know you had a lift. From the picture it appears to be a serious machine. Did it require a bigger lift to get it in the house and an even bigger one to get the other two off the delivery truck. I am trying to imagine how this worked and how the lift is powered - by electricity or through a gear system. Since your little Mom lifted and swung you around I know there must be some extra power at play. I also included in my comment an account of the slips that a man I met at the homeless shelter has been making - more like slip-ups. It was long and detailed so I will have to repeat later since I'm supposed to fix dinner tonight. I like reading your blog and I'm going to do it more often.

Matt Trott said...

thanks Mike, enjoy! The lift is less than a week old. It is pretty portable -- a guy in a minivan brought it

Anonymous said...

The third try is always a charm if you can keep your sense of humor until then. I keep waiting for you to write your birthday blog saying that I tried to steal the show with my dramatic entrance. Anything for you!

Matt Trott said...


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