Monday, August 1, 2016

No choice

I am starting my 46th year, and my birthday was fun. Party at work, wonderful Facebook greetings and a relaxing dinner. For me, though, birthdays lend themselves to retrospection (as if I really needed an excuse).

I have likely lived more than I will still be alive, and what an unexpected life. I mean I still like The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars and Errol Flynn movies, but Friedreich’s ataxia? Who anticipated that? And even when I knew I had FA, who could have anticipated what that would mean?

I know that I am pretty blessed, and I wouldn't trade the important stuff, like family and friends. I also realize that everyone, even Spider-Man, has “path not traveled” questions. But it is not as if I had a choice. Too often, it feels chosen for me or at least certain choices are grayed out.

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