Tuesday, August 23, 2016

No laughing matter

My sister-in-law who uses a chair tipped over backward when leaving the van on the bight of m birthday dinner. She was OK, and afterward said something about laughing it off because there was nothing else to do.

I can laugh when something befalls me, laugh to keep from crying. But sooner ask me not to breath than tell me not to do anything else.

And so now, on a night after leaving work earlier because of another stupid failure on the part of my body, I am still thinking about it.

I told Mom after she helped me recover that I didn't have the words to explain what I felt, and I still don't.

I'm angry, sad, embarrassed, annoyed, disgusted. It won't get better, either. And laughing is not enosgh.

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Anonymous said...

So now I finally see that you wrote about me. I was waiting! Thank you for not letting me down :-) :-)

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