Tuesday, September 6, 2016

My saviors?

One of my nieces claims to have saved my life. I have no recollection of the heroic move.

But she swears I slipped off a step in a pool (very possible) and she pulled me from beneath the murky depths.

A few issues raise red flags in my mind: First, she was kind of young when we were at the house with the pool in question. Not to say she couldn't have helped me. She's tough. Second, I would never go into a pool without adults around. Third and most importantly, she also talks about "saving" me when  helping me out of my recliner. She forgets to say how she basically dropped me to start with.

I was thinking about this and wondering how her Mini-Me, the13-year-old niece I live with, will recount an episode yesterday.

She has been helping me exercise when she has a moment, and we were finishing up. She also wanted to use the lift, so I said, sure, you can put me from my bed, where I exercise, to the floor.

To get in the lift, I need to be in a seated position, so I was working myself up when she came around behind me. I figured she was going to block me from falling back, so I stopped holding myself up.

Next thing  I knew, I had collapsed backward onto my niece, who was collapsing in hystetherics and blurting out essentially, whoops.

At some point between gales of laughter from us both, we got me sitting, then into the lift.

Laughter is good, especially when not at dinner-table blessings. Note to non-family readers: I laugh at  inappropriate moments involving prayer and the dinner table pretty regularly. It's laugh or cry.

Anyway, laughter is good, so maybe they are saving me.


Anonymous said...

I think it is a mutual saving.

Matt Trott said...

Oh, nice. I like it.

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