Monday, September 19, 2016

Things fall apart, but what?

Mom found a big screw on the floor of my bathroom over the weekend.

It doesn't look like it is from my chair.

Mom found it shortly after picking me up off the floor with the lift, and it could be from the lift. But I can't find any screws on the lift.

I thought it might be from a shelf in the bathroom, and it  does look like it's from that, except the shelf isn't missing any screws.

Mom said we'll know what it was from if something falls apart.


Anonymous said...

while Mom is likely right, may I suggest showing the screw to the builder. He might recognize it.

Anonymous said...

Wait I was sure Mary would make the joke about having a screw loose. Is it really down to me?

Matt Trott said...

Do you mean mom has a screw loose?

And Bob(the builder?

Anonymous said...

Perish the thought!

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