Friday, January 6, 2017

Bifocals, hearing aids and FA

I got my  bifocals today, on the way home from an appointment to get my hearing aids checked.

The bifocals work as advertised, so I can read my comics without squinting. That's good.

At the hearing checkup, I said I still can't really discern things I hear, which I can't. She said it takes time and told me to wear my hearing aids more, that I really need to stimulate m auditory nerves. She said the stats in the hearing aids show I am only wearing them four hours a day. I don't think that's right but whatever.

Mainly what I was thinking during these three hours is how colossally unfair it is that I have to deal with these issues on top of Friedreich's ataxia. It's nothing new, but  I don't imagine I'll ever get over that. How am I supposed to survive a massive disability with all this middling crap? (And I must be losing it to call hearing loss "middling.")

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