Tuesday, January 10, 2017

More reason to hate winter

As I wear my hearing aids as much as possible, I have uncovered new problems.

I took off my hat at work  yesterday, and my hearing aid came loose, falling out completely shortly thereafter.

A friend put it back in -- I feel guilty for how much I make people in my life do -- but I figured I best go hatless at lunch.

I did, and boy, did the hearing aids get cold.


Anonymous said...

You will have to check out the hat that Tony got. Finally something that doesn't knock off his implant. It might work for you too.

Matt Trott said...

My brother and I have pretty different ideas of what's wearable

Anonymous said...

You never know, he has two options for you to see. And sometimes necessity, especially getting freezing cold, lends itself to a broader definition of what you will wear :-)

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