Sunday, May 14, 2017

I love the CW

That's kind of embarrassing to admit, I realize, when you are in your 46th year but whatever.

I watch it more than any other network, and while I watch the other networks mostly on Hulu, I watch CW shows live.

That was more out of necessity than anything else.

The CW app has the shows, but it has well-documented issues with captioning.

I learned of the problems when I  was trying to catch up on Arrow at the beginning of the season. You had to turn off captions before the ad break, then turn it back on once the ads were over. Otherwise, the show froze.

It got too hard to watch shows so I watched them live, except Arrow, which I just gave up on, because I missed the beginning episodes.

Surely, I figured, they'd fix it soon.

But they never did.

Finally, when I missed a Riverdale episode, I took to the web to find out what was up. There were plenty of negative reviews on the Amazon page for the app, but it was far from clear that the CW knew about it. So I left some feedback on the network site.

One week later, they issued an update that fixed the captioning.  YAY

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