Saturday, May 20, 2017

No 911

The police did not come last night. This was good, just not entirely expected.

As I was settling in for some iZombie on Netflix, I tried to turn on my microphone via my watch. It could not connect, so I restarted my watch. Or tried to.

Underneath the slider button to turn off the watch is a  similar slider for 911. Guess which I watched myself slide?

Even worse, there was no way to cancel the call, although that might be on purpose. And even if you do hang up on 911, they call you back.  I learned that the first time  I called 911 by mistake.

Anyway, the operator came on and began asking for my address. I tried to tell her I didn't mean to call her, but she didn't understand. Finally, Mom explained, which the operator said was OK but I thought she might send the police to check.

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