Wednesday, May 31, 2017

No Party Doll for Matty

Buddy Knox, really Sha Na Na, gave me the dream of having a party doll, but I am afraid that hearing aids will forever prevent me from achieving that goal.

I have a habit (bad if you believe my sophomore biology teacher who said hair was the dirtiest part of the body) of running my fingers through my hair. That's just one of the things your party doll is supposed to do.

But I always knock my hearing aids out from behind my ears and have to scurry off for help.

Maybe I just need to stop running my fingers through my own hair.


Patrick Cooper said...

Can I just say that rhyming "doll" and wild" that well is a real accomplishment?

Matt Trott said...

being named Buddy in the '50s meant you were a talent

Patrick Cooper said...


RIP Buddy.

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