Sunday, June 4, 2017

Matty McDreamy

I did nothing unusual last night, but from my remembered dreams, you'd think someone switched my restless legs medicine with lots of mind-altering drugs.

First, Matty takes on

I seemed to be part of a group of black-ops guys that featured me and a bunch of Hollywood archetypes. It was me and the tough guy, the joker, the heavyset guy, the minority, etc. We all boarded a bus, and a bad guy sniper immediately shot the bus driver in the head. The bus crashed, and there was a running gun battle through the streets with my group and the baddies until we reached a neighborhood where the baddies lived that had a big park.

At this point, the good guys seemed to lose our guns. The first good guy to buy it was the joker, who was also the minority, kind of an Aziz Ansari type. We all watched as a bad guy taunted him with what appeared to be a game -- a brightly colored ball on a big loop -- and yelled, "What are you going to do now?" Another baddie had a gun on him. In answer, Aziz grabbed a similar game piece and ran at the bad guy. The other baddie there cut him down.

Then they were after me. I got shot a few times but like any hero, just shook it off and kept running. The horizon (I told you it was a big park) really screwed me. I kept seeing the ground dip in front of me, and I thought, "Thank goodness, a hill. They won't be able to shoot at me." But then I'd get to "the hill," and I'd realize it was just the horizon.

This went on for a while until I escaped into one of the baddies houses. I wandered around for a bit, then hid on a porch. It opened onto a green that the baddies were walking down looking for us good guys. I couldn't squeeze totally out of sight, and they had me.

But they didn't kill me. I was the last good guy alive, and they were keeping me hostage for some reason. They even brought Mom and Dad and one of my brothers to have dinner. Really! There was a Washington Post with headlines about the incident, but apparently they missed the park and running gun battle through the streets because the headline was something like, "One killed and one dead in bus attack." The story had only the bus driver and one bad guy, who was actually a double agent.

After dinner, they let us go home to get a change of clothes. A few baddies accompanied us in their VW bus. We encountered a cop who recommended we take another way home, so Dad helped the driver plan a new route. We ditched the van at one point and I think the baddies.

That is all I remember of that one. So after action, a little rom-com.

Pranks turn to love

I was watching a movie preview. It seemed to be a mash-up of many things, so here is a recap. The first part reminded me of  The Simpsons episode when Homer is Mr. Burns' "prank monkey." An older Kevin Kline is the prank monkey, getting his orders by cellphone. His target is Felicity Smoak, who I know is probably young enough to be  Kevin's granddaughter. And I know Felicity is a character, not an actress, but the actress is not famous yet. The first prank involved getting her soaking wet, maybe by bumping her into a fountain. Next, he had to ask her out. Love then blossomed.

In the next chapter of our story, I seemed to have replaced Kevin. Love has blossomed but with unexpected occurrences with a number of influences:

  • Like  iZombie when Liz assumes the characteristics of the person whose brain she just ate, Felicity seems two people. For instance, she is now a health food nut who includes beef in her meals. 
  • She likes board games. 
  • There is a beach scene when someone who I think is my son wields a harpoon gun to bring down a kite. This seemed to be a game.
  • Sort of like Speed, Felicity escapes out of a bus using the escape hatch in the floor of the bus. I realize Keanu didn't escape out of the hatch but who knew it was there other than Speed folks. I seemed to be encouraging her to use it so maybe it was the same movie as the action one.
I am certain there was more, but all I care about is I was married to Felicity Smoak! 


Anonymous said...

What is your mother putting in your tea?

Matt Trott said...

good question

Patrick Cooper said...

Love a good crazy dream! And Kevin Kline as prank monkey is a movie I would watch. I would watch a movie of all of this, actually.

Matt Trott said...

Didn't a lion attack one of our USAT bosses in one of your dreams?

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