Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Avoiding death, but not a sore neck

Sometimes people in wheelchairs can come across as a bit pushy.

I was waiting for an elevator around Christmas with my sister-in-law, who uses a wheelchair. In front of us were a man and child and a seemingly able-bodied woman.

When the elevator came, no one moved to get on right away. My sister-in-law, in a loud voice, said something like, "well, let a wheelchair on, that's what it's there for."

I got on that elevator, but I was mortified. I would have quietly waited for the elevator to be free. I might even still be there.

I definitely don't like to make waves, which is why I almost died today.

My driver tied the back of my wheelchair in, shook and said, "that's OK?"

I said OK, even though I knew he should tie down the front, too. But, I figured, he won't get in a head-on crash. And he didn't.

I forgot, though, that when he started abruptly from a stop that I might lean backward and the chair might flip over backward, too.

Holy cow, did it freak the driver out when his passenger did a back flip. But he got me up and strapped the front in tight.

I vow from now on to be more pushy. It might not win me friends in the elevator line but it might keep me alive.

Oh, and my youngest niece broke her arm last night. Who do you think will get all the sympathy -- a 35-year-old who ignored common sense or a 3-year-old? Even though I am disabled.


Anonymous said...

You ding dong. I would use harsher language but mom reads this. It's like your seatbelt. Don't ever do that again!
And yes, she will get more sympathy and rightly so. She is cuter you know.


Matt said...

No way is she cuter!

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