Monday, May 14, 2007

Guess who almost died Friday night?

It wasn't me, for once. It was Claren's turn to stare down the reaper, in the form of a German shepherd-pit bull mix.

We were out for a walk and this dog runs up aggressively barking and stuff. To her credit, Claren did nothing, just let him do what he wanted. I saw crazy dog had not only a collar but also a leash. I wasn't sure what to do, though, because we could not outrun a dog. So he ran behind my chair and up to Claren.

As crazy dog was going off on Claren, his owner came up. Unfortunately, he also had another dog with him, let's call this one Dopey. And Dopey ran in front of me to sniff Claren.

I was trapped by leashes, but the owner dropped Dopey's in his haste to get Crazy. That meant the leash fell under my wheels so I started to get away.

Then I noticed Crazy's leash stuck in my wheel. The owner finally got it out but only after tying Crazy and Dopey to a tree with his one leash.

He was very apologetic, but maybe he was the real Dopey.


Anonymous said...

You have a much more exciting life than I. Claren is a very good dog.

Matt said...

Exciting, huh?

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