Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What a pisser

I try to go to bed after my shows end at 10. So why am I here writing after 11. Maybe it is because I just got out of the shower and am too awake. Why did I take a shower after watching Veronica Mars? No, it was not a cold shower thing. Instead, it is a tale of tea, pee and me.

I had a cup of tea as I watched the series finale (very disappointing that it is over). As I watched, I got on the floor to brush Claren, and when it ended I got up or tried to to go to bed.

My bladder must have vertigo because my getting up sets off alarm bells. This time was more urgent than normal, made worse by failure to get back in the chair the first try.

Well, that tea had to come out and once it did I couldn't stop it. I was going as fast as I could to the bathroom and got there without gashing up any walls with my chair (no small feat), but it seemed kind of pointless to let the last little bit go in the toilet.

Then I had to strip. I sat on my towel because my wheelchair cushion was wet. That made no sense. I was dirty, the cushion was dirty, what the hell? But that was what I did.

I needed to put my wet clothes in the wash, and being in a chair, you can't really hold something at arm's length. So the nasty clothes sat on my lap.

All that explains why I showered. But it wasn't over. Because I had used my towel, I had no clean towel within reach and had to dry myself off with a washcloth.

Continence problems are one of the many possible problems with FA. Let me be very clear here: It fucking pisses me off. HA


Anonymous said...

Matt, you are one of the funniest people I know and one of the best. I love you and maybe could send you the Bean for the summer. As long as he could play video games and watch TV with you, he'd do whatever else you asked (within reason). He loves you too

Matt said...

He'd have to go to Tony's for games. I don't have much. I could find the old Atari if he would go in for an antique.

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