Monday, June 18, 2007

Some like it hot, and some are just lazy

On my ride home from work, the car thermometer said 98 degrees. It was pretty warm.

I came home and put on a T-shirt. I considered putting on shorts, especially because you get a little sweaty down there sitting all the time, but it is so much trouble.

I have to take off my shoes. That's easy; they're slip-ons. My socks are killer to take off. Claren can help but it still not easy. But I may use a wheelchair and be a bit of a dork, but no way am I wearing dress shoes and shorts. My pants aren't bad, either. Then I have to put on the shorts, new shoes, maybe socks. It takes like 15 minutes and wears me out.

I don't turn on the air conditioning because I am not a central air fan, too enclosed, but also because natural gas costs about a million bucks.

So I melt. Maybe this is how I keep my boyish figure.


Anonymous said...

wait....did you just say it was hot? I am telling miked.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing. But not to hot for tea after dinner!!

Matt said...

It's too hot for Claren, not me.

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