Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fat Matt

To my horror, my little sister noticed what I was going to write about as a benefit of being in the wheelchair.

She made the discovery as I lay flat on the floor of my parents' family room after her children had finished playing "Keep away from the cripple."

In their defense, she and I were playing keep away from them, and I was already on the floor. Also, my niece did seem quiet perturbed by my lying on the floor. We need to get you back in your chair, she said.

What my sister saw is that i don't button the top button of my jeans because I am so fat. I used to but figured why? It's not like anyone can see my waistline. And no one can ... when I stay in my chair.

I may have to buy some new jeans.


Anonymous said...

how many times to I have to say it? kilt kilt kilt (with long johns this week)The sport kilts are elastic and velcro!!

Matt said...

that depends, how many times do you want me to say: "No, that's stupid; I don't wear skirts." What's next, a bustle? Hee!

Anonymous said...

kilt is not the same as skirt. you fail to notice subtle differences like... ... um yeah. Anyway, a kilt would definitely solve your problems, and a bustle would be exceedingly amusing.

Anonymous said...

Lynn is playing music with a group of folks doing Civil War period pieces, and I think she might have a hoop skirt that you could try out (I don't know about the bustle).


Anonymous said...

ok this is getting ridiculous...I don't know about the rest of the sibs, but Matt should NOT wear either a skirt or clothing made almost 150 years ago. I mean really doesn't he have enough problems? I will go get you some new jeans from a store that doesn't use barter or the Euro.

Matt said...

YEAH! What she said.

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