Sunday, January 6, 2008

Not so legendary

I have read nothing about "I am Legend," but it looked pretty cool. Will Smith wandering around an empty NYC with his dog and a big gun. What could be cooler?

So when Miked suggested going to see it, I said yes. And it was good ... for about 10 minutes, then it got unbelievably depressing. Not because of who does or does not die (see, no spoilers, right, EMT?).

It is depressing because this guy is all by himself; everyone he knows and loves is gone. At one point he is begging this mannequin to please say hello to him. It would probably would have been really bad if the mannequin did, but I just wanted to cry.

I am a fan of Will Smith's and Sam the dog is awesome, but I am still sad.


Anonymous said...

Matt, i would have warned you had you asked. And now you know why I called so much from grad school just to hear your voice.

Matt said...

All the people of Syracuse were replaced by mutant zombies? You know, I always wondered about Rony Seikaly.

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