Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So tired

A friend of mine loaned me a DVD of a documentary about people who dress up as superheroes, and I wondered how this gal has time to watch DVDs. Another told me she was reading a book about the paradox of choice, and I was staggered. If I have the energy to read a comic book, I consider it a good day.

It must be the wheelchair and disability that leave me so bone-achingly tired after every day of work, before it, too.

I always dose on my ride into work, but today was something else. I opened my eyes as we were getting off the toll road, a few minutes from work. Next thing I knew we were pulling past the guard post at work.

And it seems all I can do is be tired. I can fight through it or nap; the result is the same.`


Anonymous said...

Dear Matt
If you were not tired all the time it would be a miracle. the effort you put into doing everything is staggering. People NOT in wheelchairs are exhausted by work. You have every right to be tired. I am sorry it is so.

Anonymous said...

As usual, mtc eloquently states the case. How could you not be tired?


Matt said...

Well, I guess I want people to say: "Holy crap, look at that Matt. Let's give him money and recognition and toys and anything he wants because his effort is staggering."

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