Saturday, March 8, 2008

I am feeling very sleepy

I woke up today at the same time I do every day I don't work: 6:30. That is one hour and two minutes later than I get up on work days. For some reason my work-day alarm goes off at 5:28, and I never change it.

After I took Claren out this morning I had breakfast and read the newspaper. Then I went back to bed to read the rest of the paper. I made it through the style section, where I learned that smart people are often montrously stupid. Then I got really tired and fell asleep.

I woke up again about noon and lay in bed dozing for close to another hour. When I finally did get up there was a phone message from Mom. There is a phone sitting on my bed but I sleep right through it all the time. I called her about 1, just in time apparently. My little sister told me that Mom told her she was going to drive out to my house if she had not heard from me by 1.

After calling Mom and having lunch, I took Claren for a walk. Then about 3:30, I fell asleep for another hour.

I hate sleeping so much; it is so wasteful and takes time away from important things like reading comics. I can't help it, though, and now I am going to bed before I fall asleep. After all, I have spent almost 12 hours out off my bed.

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