Friday, March 7, 2008

I am too funny for my own good

I left Verizon Wireless recently for AT&T. Mainly it was because I wanted to get a cheaper plan. I am now on the plan of my brother-in-law. It costs less and the service is better.

Verizon, though, is not an easy one to break up with. It is sending me postcards, saying things like "We want you back."

One of those postcards caught my eye as I was transferring into my LaZ-Boy tonight. Out loud, I responded: "But I don't what you." Hilarious, I know.

My jokey little outburst threw my transfer off, and I started to fall. I caught myself, but my left foot was caught under the rest of my leg. I couldn't stand up; I couldn't free my bent-backward foot. Finally, I just fell backward and hoped for the best.

I thought I was going to throw up at first, but that wore off and it just hurt like hell. Then my foot came out from beneath me.

I may rejoin Verizon just to stop the pleading postcards.

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