Sunday, March 9, 2008

I'm too sexy for my chair

I got my new chair today. It is pretty cool; I mean as much as a symbol of disability can be.

It is quite comfy and has some features that help me where I need it. Of course, they make me feel more disabled. I got a lateral support because I lean left. The controller also has all sort of add-ons available, so when I need a tile program or something I don't need a new chair. And there is a headrest that I should use when I travel but can't put it on and take it off myself so it might gather a little dust.

There is one other thing about the chair that stands out: It is cherry-apple red.

A few years ago, a friend told me I was "so incredibly alive and vibrant." I don't think I am really, but perhaps some tiny bit of my brain and subconscious is. It was that part that ordered the showiest color I could find. It is that part of me that also likes having Claren around not because she helps me but because she makes me stand out.

My worry is not that I'm too sexy for my chair; it is that maybe it is too sexy for me.


Anonymous said...

who's going to write the new song lyrics..."Matt's too sexy for his chair, too sexy for his chair or his underwear..." how's that for a start?


Matt said...

Yeah ... I am sure the nieces are hard at work on this.

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