Monday, March 31, 2008

Matt's best friend

One of the hardest things I do these days is going to work without Claren.

It isn't that everyone ignores me and asks where my service dog is. I will admit that got old real fast when I couldn't bring Claren in because I broke my collar bone. Here I am with a bloody brace, and people are asking if my dog is OK.

I just miss her badly. I look under my desk to get her before I go anywhere. I leave things on the floor because she is not there to reach them.

She has become a part of me, and when she is not there I am not all there either.

Claren pulled a muscle Sunday, I think, so she had to stay home Monday because she could not really walk. She was limping around and looking pathetic.

I don't know if I looked pathetic but I sure felt it. I told my little sister that I wanted to cry or barf. I missed Claren; I was worried about her; it just didn't feel right without her.

Maybe it is a good thing I have no prospects for a girlfriend; she or Claren would be way jealous. (Note to Natalie Portman: We would totally figure it out.)

I'll decide tomorrow whether to give her another sick day, but I am loathe too do it. If she is out sick, I wind up feeling poopy.


Anonymous said...

I remember when Jim was having his surgery (8+ hours of waiting) being really confused because he wasn't there for me. Never mind that he was the one having the surgery. You get used to doing the hard things together, like going to work with C.
P.S. I'm catching up on posts. I probably shouldn't read 10 days worth at a time.

Anonymous said...

maybe YOU should call in sick too. mental health is important and i imagine your co-workers would frown on you barfing at work anyway.

Matt said...

And Jim is a total nerd, so you probably have a slim idea of what it's like with me and Claren. HEE!

And I couldn't stay home; I knew I wouldn't really barf.

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