Friday, May 16, 2008

Open sesame

When my boss is away, like he was today, I go to two meetings in his place.

The first one is in a big room with doors that are usually open. Even if they aren't, the doors are real light so I can kick it open easily.

The second meeting is in a glass room with a really heavy door that is never open.

I try to get there at the same time as others who can open the door for me, but the other day I got there and was alone out in front of the meeting.

I rolled around for a bit. There was a woman in the room, but she was talking on the speaker phone so I did not want to knock, but she saw me and let me in.

She asked why we didn't get an automatic door for the room. I told her that the company didn't really like putting in doors because they said the building was mostly very open.

"Yeah, but when it's not it's not," she replied.

I wish the company saw it that way.

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