Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ready to be better

I have started watching “Reaper” again. I read it got axed and I only saw repeats for a while. But apparently rumors of its cancellation were slightly exaggerated and new episodes are showing.

What I like is it presents a world where the devil is an active participant, making bargains, goofing off, etc. It gives me hope. You see, I am ready to sell my soul to be healed.

I know what you are thinking: Matt, there are always tricks and loopholes with the devil; don't do it. I am way ahead of you – I just don't care really.

Sure maybe I'd wish to be cured and the devil would “cure” the cut on my leg from falling down today. But, guess what? That is one less pain for me.

Or he'd cure me of Friedriech's ataxia, and I would find out the next day I have kuru.

Maybe he'd really cure me, even set me up with Natalie Portman. We would no doubt hit it off and be on our way to her place to "read some comics" when I would get hit by a bus.

I guess an active devil suggests an active God. I have not noticed this in “Reaper.” It seems to recall the Old Testament story of Job when God is active only to tell the devil to have at Job and then to tell Job to shut the hell up with his questioning because God is God. Then, and this has nothing to do with “Reaper” it just appalls me no end, God makes Job richer than before and gives him new children to make up for the ones who died.

Mom assures me that my guardian angel is busy, which I guess one could accept as proof of an active God. I'd rather be cured. Barring that, I want to know why. Why I am like this? Who's life is improved by Friedreich's fucking ataxia? If I ever get an answer, it better not be the diatribe that Job heard, which included this line: “Will the unicorn be willing to serve thee, or abide by thy crib?”


Anonymous said...

I know you know this but no one's life is made better by yours being made worse. It is just crappy and that's all there is to it. Selling your soul to the devil never works out, neither does the thre wishes thing. I don't know why. The only story you hear of the devil thing working out is that Charlie Daniels Band song. I don't think you play the fiddle so I don't think you should go that route.
We love you. It really is not enough, I know, but is going to have to do.

Matt said...

It is enough, you know, but I have a fool-proof sell-my-soul plan. I sell it in exchange for perfect health and no tricks, then when I die, I remind God how much he likes those who help themselves. And I remind God that I took the initiative to sell my soul. Either I will get to heaven or the logic will cause all life to explode.

Anonymous said...

Matt, If you do go this route, make sure that you have a good lawyer, like Daniel Webster


Anonymous said...

Here's a better link The Devil and Daniel Webster


Matt said...

No offense to my brother-in-law or Daniel Webster, but I want Reese Witherspoon.

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