Monday, July 28, 2008

Spur of the moment? Nope

I never wanted to swim until I could no longer get in the pool.

That's not quite true, I guess. I can still get in pools if there are a lot of people to help me or there is a lift. And the community center near work teaches swimming to wheelchair users and has a ramp or a lift.

So it is definitely doable, but spontaneity is gone from my life.

I decided I want to swim today when I watched my niece and nephew take lessons from a college student who I totally did not find cute because that would make me a dirty old man. But I could do nothing about it -- the swimming or the un-cute coed.

I couldn't jump in. Heck, I couldn't even put my feet in the water without significant assistance just to get on the ground and take off my shoes and socks. And I probably would have gotten in more trouble from one of the child lifeguards from Eastern Europe. One had earlier tried to boot Claren.

A friend who uses a chair but also walks some told me that she has gone to get ready to use her pool on her building's roof only to have it raining by the time she gets ready.

It takes so much planning to live as a person with Friedreich's ataxia. I know I have mentioned it once or twice before. And it is not just your life you are planning: You need to plan who will assist you and how.

I guess I'd just like to fly by the seat of my pants, but I am sure I'd wind up with a wedgie.


Anonymous said...

Actually, Matt, i find you to be amazingly spontaneous. I mean, conside the family you come from. None of us are particularly spontaneous. And yet, you are game for just about anything. I think that is something to be proud of, not just because you have FA, but because you are a Trott.

Matt said...


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