Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Back when spam was good

I have started scanning my spam folder at work regularly these days because some of my emails have started going in there. What I have noticed is how boring the subjects have become. All of the subjects mention dieting or sexing yourself up.

A few years ago, that was when spam was good. Here is a poem I wrote then taken from spam titles.

By lose go catnap
and draw as rattlebrained burdock
I shut he railway ecumenical
I play at semantics
Do sleep do clothier splatter
As give do persuasive boozy
Be open is salmonella
I take on coriander
That leave my windowsill filly
But wait a wold
In fly a imposter
But go an riparian prodigious
By study a unfaithful layman
The sleep it miry soap
Go spend no ragamuffin debilitate
To study a sizzle truculent
Are complain my thin suspenders
Re: My fill of active corset

I'd stack that up against any free verse poetry. The only problem is it doesn't rhyme.

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