Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Look at me

Everyone who has a service dog can tell you how people see the dogs first and then them. A big selling point for service dogs is that they attract the attention that might normally go to one's wheelchair or whatever. And I sure don't mind when people say hi to Claren first.

But when they ignore me or act disappointed to see me, I have to draw the line.

There is a woman at work who asked me once if she could say hi to Claren. I said she could, thinking we'd never she her, and mostly we don't.

Today was one of the days we did.

As we were getting off the elevator with her, she said, Bye, Claren. I said bye because I was 99% sure Claren wouldn't (You can never be certain with Claren; she'll fool ya). The woman responded, Oh, bye. It sounded like she was saying: "Bye, random person who I wasn't even talking to."

Maybe I just need to be less offended by possible subtext.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm, less offended by possible subtext? Can you do that?
Did Dad tell you there was a service dog at my opening? He made a beeline for the trainer. I confess that when the duo came in I said, "Ooh, look, a service dog came." and Jim said that most people would have said that a person with a service dog had come in. Do you remember the woman at Mairead's first communion who told her granddaughter, "You're really lucky to have a service dog at your first communion."?
You are really lucky to have a service dog at your feet. We love claren for how much she loves you.
We love you too.

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