Monday, March 30, 2009

A little romance

I am only moderately embarrassed that I rarely pass by a romantic comedy when I am channel surfing. They are almost as alluring to me as Star Wars, which I will sit and watch entranced whenever I come across any of the six movies.

I suppose the romantic comedies are chick flicks, but in my defense the actresses in them are universally accepted as easy on the eyes.

That then is my chief excuse for knowing more than guys might normally know about Ever After (Drew Barrymore), 13 Going on 30 (Jennifer Garner who is also the reason I have seen Elektra more than once) or Saturday night's diversion: Reese Witherspoon's Just Like Heaven.

I came to the realization Saturday night, perhaps when Reese's character's spirit, the guy she has been haunting and one if his friends try to steal her body out of the hospital before doctors pull the plug on her (she is in a coma). It was a funny scene with the hauntee, who is now in love with spirit Reese, getting cornered in the hospital, and he is just spinning her bed this way and that to try to find an escape.

Anyway, my realization, oh yeah, that. I think I watch this type of movie because I am pretty sure that to find love I am going to need a spirit or some other supernatural thing happening.

I mean I tried the cute dog. I put Claren up against almost any adult dog just on looks and then her personality is easily too cut for words. She has a problem, though, and it is my fault. I never taught her, as my college roommate suggested, to look for wedding rings. As a result, most of her good friends at work are married women. Or perhaps it is because most of my friends are married women. Maybe we both need to work on that.

I guess I could borrow my nephew, but he already likes moms. He goes to an after-school thing and ask him who he hung out with and he says Mrs. So-and-so.

Once again, I think romantic comedy fantasy is my best bet.

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