Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Phelps, you are now on notice

I had my first swimming lesson in close to 30 years today. I think I'd still drown if tossed into a river, but it was a blast.

It was good exercise, and I am ready for another lesson. Every Sunday for eight weeks, then we'll see.

It was a group lesson for disabled folks, so there was one teacher, close to 10 students and about 15 volunteers.

Two guys helped me, one at my head and one at my feet. I say guys but one was about 14 and one 18. They were great, though, and the teacher knows my brother and his wife.

The pool had a ramp so I got in one of the pool's water chairs and they backed me down the ramp. When the water was about chest-high for me sitting, the guy grabbed me under the arms and the other tilted the chair back and away we went.

First, the one guy supported my shoulders and had me kick down a length of a pool. Then we did the same thing back and forth again.

It was harder than expected to do almost kicking, but when they had me start paddling by putting my arms against my sides, raising them up to my arm pits, extending them out and then pushing down, I actually could feel myself moving.

At that point the guy was mainly just holding my head to keep it out of the water because at the end of one of the laps, we met the teacher who asked if I could put my face in the water. I did, no problem, but when I tried the second and third time i was so self-conscious and water went up my nose. We'll be working on that.

We also did some leg exercises and arm ones, which were good for me, but not as fun as swimming.


Anonymous said...

you totally kick ass.


Anonymous said...

the last time i remember swimming with you was at skaneatles in the finger lakes. i think you almost drowned me or I you. hope this is better!

Matt Trott said...

I think I do.

Ohhh, that was when I jumped off the floating dock and in return Anne gave me her Trashed Tracy Garbage Pail Kid.

Anonymous said...

Get on with your bad self! Have fun with the swimming ... and the Garbage Pail Kids memories. Too funny

~ Melissa

(And, in other "worser" news -- the AP is now moving a story confirming the layoffs. Ugh...)

Matt Trott said...

Just when the furloughs are ending, yuck! I may need to rely on my swimming skills to pay the bills and then I am in trouble.

Anonymous said...

the ap also says that USA Today won't be hit by the cuts.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, very true. Good for you (bad for me)!

~ Melissa (who soon may have lots of free time in which to improve her own swimming technique!)

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