Friday, October 23, 2009

She probably wished it was an obscene caller

If I don't write this, my little sister will bitch and moan about how I ignored her. So shut it.

Mom and Dad are out tonight and I had just come back from a walk with Claren, the 10th wonder of the world (Andre the Giant is the eighth and I am the ninth). On my return, my seat belt again came unbuckled. I am starting to wonder if I am doing it when I bend over.

I fell out of my chair -- there is nothing quite like the feeling of not having the seat belt grab you when you were sure it would -- and to make matters more interesting, I needed to use the bathroom, of course.

I was not at all hurt and tried to get in my chair but failed. Breathing a little heavily I called my sister for help. She came right over, apparently scared it would be worse because I was breathing so hard.

Thanks, dearie.


Anonymous said...

anytime dearie...

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