Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Many rivers of evil carp to cross

I read a headline this noon-time that said "Fish kill eyed."

My immediate reaction was to think, "Goddamn carp," because they were the fish in the story. "I have eyes. Are they somehow coming for me? Like I don't have enough to worry about?"

For all I knew, Osama bin Laden had perverted Dr. Evil's dream of sharks with laser beams or at least some angry mutated carp. Or maybe these toys had come to life.

I then read the story and it turns out that officials were planning a fish-kill to try to control the invasive carp. Carp are not targeting the masses with eyes.

This was a load off my mind, especially because five minutes later I got an e-mail that said the company was firing 26 people.

I wasn't among those let go, and I didn't know most that well. But who cares? People lost jobs, and this round of cuts was a real shock. I honestly thought things were getting better.

I spoke a while back of the Springsteen cover of Trapped and how I felt Trapped. Another Jimmy Cliff song Springsteen covers is sitting in my mind today: Many Rivers to Cross.

I doubt Jimmy Cliff, or Bruce Springsteen for that matter, and I have much in common. They probably don't know the anguish I have been experiencing lately as I find my legs failing to help me back into my chair or onto my bed. Do they know what it is like to stub your toe pretty innocently but have your skin be so thin the bathroom floor becomes slick with blood? (There is actually some still there tonight.) Or just to be alone, in a world of couples? The problems change, but everyone's

Got many rivers to cross
But can`t seem to find my way over.

But with my luck, the rivers I have to cross will have bloodthirsty carp.


Anonymous said...

Big Brother...I have a big ass boat to get you across those rivers, and if that doesn't work, I will just get you up the ramp into OUR house.
love, just love.

Anonymous said...

and just for the record...I forgot to mention that when I first looked at the title to this post I thought it said, "Many Rivers of Evil Crap to Cross." I think I would rather cross a river of carp than crap.

Anonymous said...

The first part of this entry made me LOL. The second part made me want to hug you. That is, as long as you had stopped bleeding.

Matt Trott said...

We changed the headline to something like: "Holy carp! Officials poisoning invasive fish."

And I think I have stopped bleeding. The PTs at my appointment today took off my socks and saw the cut. I told them I scraped it on my chair and they were giving me grief for using my chair without shoes. I was like, c'mon, I had just gotten up!

Matt Trott said...

And thanks for the boat!

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