Sunday, August 30, 2009


Back in March, I posted my top 25 Springsteen songs on Facebook. I surprised friends and maybe myself by making the cover of Jimmy Cliff's Trapped No. 3.

Seems like I'm caught up in your trap again
Seems like I'll be wearing the same old chains

I suspect Mr. Cliff wrote the song about being ties up in a gal's mind games, given the line "seems like I've been sleeping in your bed too long."

I have been feeling trapped lately, but I can't blame some gal.

It is depression that's got me, pretty tightly the past few days. I spend more time than I like just sitting or sleeping or wanting to cry.

Normally, after a new medical treatment, like braces, I get mad because it may work some but it doesn't solve all my problems. Now, though, I am frustrated that my braces aren't even something I can wear full time. I bought them, but that was just the beginning purchase apparently. I am wearing one of them these days. The left one, which doesn't hurt. This means I wear my old beat-up sneakers because my nice $100 sneakers won't fit me when the braces are on, like I was told they would. My bike shoes don't fit either. I thankfully can afford to replace them, but I can't really afford the time to shop for them.

It's other things, too. Stomach issues, being told I need a new wheelchair back because the tech said I should not have the kind I have, having to wait three hours for that wheelchair analysis, Claren's allergies.

I know I'll get better mentally; I always do. It just takes time.


Patrick said...

I'm no doctor, but speaking to Mr. Springsteen and Trapped (insert fist pump here), I'd like to recommend (at least) two watchings of Jimmy Cliff's Hot Shot. A bright orange outfit, coconuts falling on people's heads, upside-down camera angles, a flaming/dancing saxophone, a dachshund, and I think that's when I passed out.

Anonymous said...

well, hell.

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear things have been difficult. for your mood I suggest taking an amino acid (I can recommend a brand that you can purchase online that is not expensive) and for your stomach, try eating gluten free for at least three week to see if things improve. I know it seems difficult,but you get used to it and when your stomach feels good it is worth it.

Anonymous said...

For myself, i suspect it is the time of year too. BZC told me this weekend he as feeling nostalgic. As he is only 15 and only 15 by a week or 2, I was a little dubious but I do know what he means.
I understand there are new icthyophiles next door! fun! Will the budgies return too?
love you

Matt Trott said...

Wow, that video was awesome! I wish I could get away with that outfit and with having two women in leaf bikinis and army helmets follow me around. And I really wish a doctor would prescribe that kind of hilarity. Thanks.

And yes.

I suspect the trouble is partly seasonal, partly I need more exercise. Bur I am stuck in the being too tired to exercise mode even though it would give me energy.

And I tried to be gluten-free before gluten-free was cool. I remember asking a nutritionist about nine years ago about going gluten-free. She said:Do you know how much food gluten is in? You don't want to do that.

I do flirt with gluten-freedom. Mostly, it is the bread I could not give up. Otherwise, I think I am mostly gluten-free as is. I may have to try it for real. Do you not eat bread?


Matt Trott said...

And I hope the budgies come back, although K-dog liked the storks at the zoo today, I am told.

Anonymous said...

I found bread to be one of the hardest part, by your mother makes amazing Gluten free bread. The only thing is it tastes better when it is warm and thinly sliced so you would need to warm it at work. You'll also find a substitute for healthy sandwiches like salads and fruits. You can also use corn tortillas and have like a wrap.

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