Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I am a dope

The mall does bad things to me.

Actually, it's not the mall, it's the parking lot and the handicapped spots.

When the spots are filled, as is often the case no matter how many there are, I start looking at the vehicles parked there and making judgments.

This is not something I am proud of, but I say to myself: "SUV there, disabled person could not get out of there easy, probably a scammer." Or "Oh, yeah, nice little sports car. No room for a chair or crutches or canes." Even a regular sedan: "Like you are a wheelchair user."

The worst is when someone in a handicapped spot gets out of a vehicle and easily (in my mind) walks to the mall. I might run them down, which is another reason it is good that I do not drive.

I know there are many legitimate reasons that people in SUVs, sports cars or sedans would have a handicapped tag. And people who walk easily can also have real reasons for needing a tag.

But I just don't care that much. The spots are all mine, just get out of my bleeping way.

P.S. After the mall visit today, I stopped at the comic book store and canceled all my Spider-Man books.


Anonymous said...

thumbs up - totally agree with you on parking.

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine your frustration! I can't stand the spots reserved for "Expectant mothers and mothers of infants." [warning: rant coming.] I mean, since when does pregnancy alone, without complications or anything, make one require a special spot? And infants? The sign should read "with 4+ kids." That I could get behind. And what if you are a father? No space? How about a sign for people carrying really big boxes? -- Ellen

Matt Trott said...

Wow, I totally hit a sore spot. I like the reserved parking for people with really big boxes, but it better not be closer than the spot reserved for His Royal Majesty King Matt.

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