Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Red (Bath)rum

Finally, Verizon came and fixed the Internet. The modem had gone bad and needed replacing. I say finally because they were due Tuesday morning, and Mom stayed by the phone all morning because if they call and you don't answer, they don't come. When they did not come anyway, Mom called. The vaunted Verizon support team apparently told Mom that they called and got no answer. But Mom told them not to give her that and that she was with the phone all morning. They replied: Oh, we'll come tomorrow.

In other news:

It never ceases to amaze me how much blood my toes hold. For appendages with poor circulation -- at best -- I would think they would be nearly bone dry. Once again, of course, I'd be wrong.

I scraped the top of one of my toes on the door into the bathroom this morning. I pulled the door open, and it swept over my foot until it hit the toe. I really hate doors. Greg Brady was so on to something.

I shrugged it off because I am tough, shaved and went to the bathroom. Only then did I notice the color change to the floor: red.

It wasn't as much as the gusher of blood in The Shining. But it was more than I could clean up.

Mom got it up quickly, although she did say she would have to empty the trash to get rid of the blood-soaked towel before the cleaners come.

P.S. Claren the wonder dog and I got a shout-out in a friend's blog.


Anonymous said...

I thought the answer o "what's cuter then NPH and puppies?" was going to be "Matt and Claren." I didn't know I was rhetorical. JTG

Matt Trott said...

That was implied, I am sure.

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