Thursday, May 6, 2010

Flaky vet

As she came in to the room, the vet said, I met your dad in the waiting room. This struck me as a little odd, although not that odd if you know Dad.

OK, I said and we got to the business of the appointment: Claren's nasty nose. Gram used to sunburn on her back and you always wanted – and some granddaughters did – to peel it for her. That is how Claren's nose looks. The nurse said she wanted to peel it for Claren. It does not seem to bother her, but it is flaky and gross.

The vet, who is not the one I regularly see, was not sure what was wrong but wanted to use a steroid pill to try to heal it. I kept telling her that steroids resulted in bloody diarrhea and the worst health crisis Claren has had.

Finally, we agreed to just try a different topical lotion and to recheck her in two weeks.

The vet then held the door open while I went out into the waiting room. She followed me and proceeded to sit down next to Dad and tell him everything we were doing.

I still don't know what on earth would posses this woman to assume that she needed to fill someone else in on my dog. I can only assume it was the wheelchair.

This vet, though, knows about disabilities firsthand. When we first met last summer, she asked why I was in a chair and told me she had multiple sclerosis.

She did not mean to be rude, I am sure, so it is not like I could berate her.

It just made me feel so small.


jess said...

ok, this turned my stomach. i'm so sorry - somebody needs to smack the woman upside the head. i give you a lot of credit actually - you were far more gracious than i might have been.

Matt Trott said...

At first I thought you meant disclosure of Claren's gross symptoms turned your stomach.

I am just not sure what I could or should have done.

jess said...

nah, after 2 kids, nothing grosses me out.

and i know what you mean, i talk a good game but i end up sitting through those moments in stunned silence. either that, or i say something dripping with sarcasm and i start to sound like an insolent 12 year old.

Matt Trott said...

That is why I want a bully pulpit.

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