Sunday, May 23, 2010

TV week: Not so Gleeful, but Locke gets a real chair

As I prepared to watch Glee on Hulu last night, I was expecting a good show. Buffy's Joss Whedon directed and Neil Patrick Harris guest stared. What's not to like?

How about the whole story arc involving Artie, the dude in a wheelchair played by an able-bodied actor?

You did get to see why studios choose people who can walk to pretend they use wheelchairs. It makes it possible to have dream sequences where the wheelchair guy stands up and dances to a remake of "Safety Dance."

In my dream, when I am dancing to the original "Safety Dance," I would have six-pack abs and look more like Brad Pitt, so they could still film it: Just get a cut Brad Pitt-look-a-like to stand in for me.

It also bugged me that no one mentioned wheelchair dancing. Everyone was focused on dancing as a two-leged activity when in fact wheelchair dancing is real. That Glee wiki page on Artie even says he's an "awesome wheelchair dancer." I guess that isn't real dancing, though. That same Wiki page also says one of the reasons "why we [don't love] Artie" is that "He can't kiss Tina in his wheelchair, she has to kiss him." What the fuck?

Finally, what kind of idiot tries to stand and use walking crutches for the first time ever with just his girlfriend to help?

The best thing about the episode is it led me to this blog.

On the flip side, the people at Lost finally gave John Locke a real wheelchair. I know he is played by another able-bodied actor, but even he must have been glad to exchange the goofy and heavy hospital-style wheelchair for one that wheelchair users use.


Anonymous said...

we were wondering what your take on Glee would be.

Matt Trott said...

I am still madd about it. One reason is that I try to fit in very hard -- to be a person who just happens to use a wheelchair -- and with that one show it is made clear that society or at least pop culture does view people in chairs as unable to contribute to society unless they are healed. I want very much to be healed but fuck anyone who suggests I am worthless. As I said I am still mad.

Ellen said...

according to

Dance: 1) to engage in to perform a dance. 2)to move or seem to move up and down or about in a quick or lively manner.

Matt Trott said...

Yeah, I could be lively if I had to be.

Anonymous said...

I hear you. But, in the meantime, I say the hell with Artie and everyone else, we are Matt Trott fans all the way!!!! Rock on.

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