Friday, June 25, 2010

Matt Trott and the Good Kind of Happy?

It has been a weird week.

I learned last Friday that a friend was leaving work and spent much of this week gearing up for various parties and lunches for him and another friend who is having a baby. But now the week is over. Kind of a letdown.

I used up a lot of adrenaline this week. I went to things where I couldn't really hear. I used a manual chair on one of the hottest days so far this year. I tried to get in a bathroom without an automatic door (I made it in finally, but on my departure I had to go out then reopen the door for Claren). I ate far too much bacon.

I am tired, but I am glad I did all of those things. Well, I could have lived without all the bacon.

I imagine people who read this blog will maybe sense a touch or two of bitterness and anger at being dependent. That hasn't changed.

But perhaps what I will take away from this week is that the kindness and assistance of friends and family overwhelm the dependence and the bitterness it causes.


Anonymous said...

I share your sentiments. Just think about the good parts of the week and forget about how hard it was, and screw the bacon! By the way, why was there so much bacon? Pretty random :-)

I forgot to ask you. Are you still taking the B12? Any noticeable change in your energy level?

Matt Trott said...

The baby shower featured potluck bacon dishes, 10 or more. No B12.

Anonymous said...

that is a lot of bacon. Sorry that the B12 didn't work for you.

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