Thursday, July 29, 2010

39 rocking years

To be honest, some were more rocky years. But 39 down, nonetheless.

I had a very nice birthday today. I got an unexpected birthday serenade at work, complete with cookies and a card that played "Shake your Booty." It was awesome, and the best part was that it was real unexpected, which makes things a million times better.

Then we has a quick party at home with my little sister and her family, complete with a cake that had so many candles near so many paper parasols that I am still surprised we did not have a fire to explain to Mom and Dad when they get back from the beach and their domino-playing.

After that we had a street party for where the new house is. I met a neighbor who works at Fish and Wildlife so we made some connections there.

Good times. And tomorrow: Rock climbing!


Anonymous said...

sorry we weren't able to celebrate together. Rock climbing? I can't wait for the blog posting.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the phoned-in serenade from Va Beach


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