Sunday, July 25, 2010

I am not proud of myself

This weekend I was going to have dinner Friday with some friends and try Georgetown Cupcake. Saturday I was going to lunch with another friend. And I would cap it all off by swimming today.

Here is what I actually did: sat on the family room couch, watched a little TV (but none today as I lost the remote), napped a lot, fell further in love with Thursday Next and ... well, that's about it. Oh, I let Claren play in her kiddie pool. And most importantly, I sprayed myself with water to survive the heat in our un-air-conditioned house.

Yes, I am kind of a loser.

I blame the heat, which just hammered me. I was getting over a little 12-hour bug and I felt fine but my body is only now getting back to normal. And the bug bout was Tuesday.

But for the record, I'd still rather be hot than cold.


Ellen said...

It was really stinking hot, Matt. We were going to do a lot of things, but even the kids (who normally don't care about the weather if an outing is involved) didn't want to.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you survive the heat with no air conditioning. Next year you will be the party guy!

Matt Trott said...

Well, right so without a/c I should want to go places.

Shannon said...

We missed you, but we'll do something again soon. I really liked the email you sent me about it. And last weekend I pretty much did nothing as well. At least you blogged! I can't even say that!!

Matt Trott said...


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