Monday, July 19, 2010

No poop but no fun

Every few months or so, the local chapter of Canine Companions for Independence gets together to recognize the puppy-raisers who are turning in pups.

Puppy-raisers and turning-in are pretty much just what they sound like: The puppy-raisers raise the dogs from 12 weeks to about 16 months teaching them basic dog obedience and good manners. Then the puppy-raisers turn the dogs in to the regional office of CCI, which works with them until they graduate or leave the program.

I am not going to the lunch on Saturday, and I feel a little guilty. I try to go to the turn-in lunches because it is important to me to acknowledge the great gifts the puppy-raisers have given graduates like me.

I am still astounded by the treasure that Claren's puppy-raisers and CCI gave me 6 and a half years ago. There is no part of my life that has not been sharply improved by having Claren in my life and at my side. (Well, except I have to pick up poop now and have yellow hair on every piece of clothing I own.)

I don't know what I'd do without the dog who dislikes speaking unless we are playing fetch, who -- when I release her to say hi to our co-workers -- ungracefully flops down on to her back so they'll rub her belly, who loves me pretty much unconditionally.

I don't care to imagine my life without Claren -- dreary would be one word for it -- and I know that puppy-raisers are the ones who made the magic of Claren possible. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

As Claren's puppy raisers, we see the blessing as meeting and getting to know you !!!!!!
Charlie and Mary Ann

Matt Trott said...

Thanks, we are both lucky.

Shannon said...

I love how you describe your love for Claren here in the cute things she does.

Matt Trott said...

Claren is the best thing that has happened to me.

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