Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Where was my stuffed animal barrier?

Mom threw away most of our stuffed animals when I was away at college; the only stuffed animal I have now is Blue 2 from my nephew.

I am not blaming Mom's stuffed-animal purge for my fall out of bed this morning. But my youngest niece does surround herself with stuffed animals to keep her in bed. I did not have Pooky or Barf Bear or anyone to pile up on my bedside. Again, not blaming, just saying.

Without the stuffed animals, I rolled or stretched in my sleep and woke up with a SPLAT on the floor. Of course, it wasn't that simple because it's never that simple.

One foot had slammed on to the turning release for the cast iron radiator nearby. The radiator wasn't on, but it hurt pretty bad.

My head was above the Super Pole. The rest of my body was below the Super Pole. My neck was between the Super Pole and the bed.

It was about 7 a.m. so I knew Dad was up and I called for him. But my mouth was so dry, I was hardly audible. He did hear something because he came into the room a little later and said "hello?" I didn't say anything, figuring my situation spoke for itself. But I think he must have thought I was dead, because he quickly asked if I was all right.

I was, but my foot was keeping me from escaping. He helped me move that, then tried to get my head out. I wasn't so worried about that as I knew it wasn't stuck, but just needed me to move a little.

Dad left to go get help and, I took the opportunity to wiggle toward the foot of the bed to free my head. I got it free just as Dad returned with Mom. They then helped me into my chair.

In the driveway before I left for work, I was telling my sister, and I said something like, I could have done it without help if I had to. It was true. If I knew no help was available, I'd have sucked it up and scraped my foot off the radiator. I got my head free. I could have gotten up by myself. It would have taken longer, hurt more and just plain sucked. But I could have done it.

Pretty sure Mom and my sister don't believe that, but maybe if Mom had not thrown away all the stuffed animals, it would not be an issue.


Ellen said...


Anonymous said...

Did you mean Barf Bear?

Matt Trott said...

Oops, Barf Bear now. And Dude, indeed!

Anonymous said...

we have scads of stuffed animals in pillow cases in the basement. shall i send them to the new address or the current one? and dude, indeed, indeed

Anonymous said...

we are now going to move onto stuffed animals for birthday presents now that you have the entire Justice league!

Anonymous said...

I would like to say here and now that anyone who sends any new/used stuffed animals to the new house will be in serious trouble...
Have you people never seen K's bed???????????


Matt Trott said...

I knew ejd would try to forbid it, but come on, what is she really going to do?

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